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Delora Sweater Baby Pink

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A Contemporary Classic: The Delora Longline Sweatshirt

Simplicity, elegance, and luxury intertwine in our Delora Longline Sweatshirt, designed to cater to the discerning tastes of the masses. This sweatshirt exudes pure class, reflecting the highest quality and premium materials that have been carefully selected for its creation.

A Touch of Modern Elegance: The Delora Longline Sweatshirt is a contemporary and elevated interpretation of the classic crewneck sweatshirt, transcending traditional boundaries to accompany you seamlessly from the studio to the street. It offers style and ease, embracing simplicity with a dash of luxury.

Cozy Craftsmanship: Crafted from our plush Double Soft sweat fabric, this sweatshirt delivers both comfort and refinement. Its relaxed fit and sophisticated detailing are a testament to the uncompromising quality embedded in every fiber of this piece.

Materials of Excellence: Delora is thoughtfully composed of 81% Organic Cotton and 19% Polyester, a blend that embodies the highest standards of fabric quality, all while adhering to our commitment to eco-conscious values.

Care Guidelines: To preserve the exquisite qualities of your Delora Longline Sweatshirt, please remember to turn it inside out before washing. Machine wash it with similar colours on a cool setting and remove it promptly from the washer. Iron it gently on a low setting. Please kindly refrain from bleaching, tumble drying, or dry cleaning.

Indulge in the simple elegance and luxury of the Delora Longline Sweatshirt, a testament to the refined taste of Tarbh Clothing. Elevate your style with this contemporary classic, designed to deliver uncompromising quality and sophistication in every stitch. It's a masterpiece that suits the masses and ensures you radiate class wherever you go.

Delora Sweater Baby Pink
Delora Sweater Baby Pink Sale price€49,95